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Materials Used In Building Freestanding Baths

Freestanding baths are bath tubs that sit out on the open floor. They are not attached to a shower or anything like that thus the freestanding name. For years they have been linked with traditional designed bathrooms but they are now being linked with the modern bathroom. When most people think of this these types of tubs they immediately think about the clawfoot tub. The clawfoot tub was very popular in the 19th century although they date back thousands of years.

If you are considering purchasing a freestanding type of tub then you will need to think about what type of design or style you would like. You will also need to think about what type of material you want your tub to be made out of.

cast iron Freestanding BathsCast Iron

In most cases you are going to find freestanding baths that are made out of cast iron and feature enamel coating. This is the most commonly used bath tub of this kind in traditional bathrooms. Even so, nowadays you can gain access to freestanding baths that are made out of many possible materials. An original cast iron bath that is restored is a really nice addition to any bathroom but you will quickly notice that it is really expensive and the price actually rises with popularity and rarity.

Keep in mind that such freestanding baths are really heavy, even without adding water. In addition, they are always cold and will lose heat quite rapidly. In most cases you are going to need to also hire a structural engineer or a builder in order to reinforce floors so that the weight of the new freestanding baths can be properly managed.

steel Freestanding BathsSteel

One option that is quite popular among most people is offered by steel freestanding baths. They are going to be created with the use of thin sheets of steel that will be covered with an enamel coating. The two components are going to be bonded with the use of really high temperatures. Most people love the fact that they are durable and powerful while also being a lot lighter than those that we talked about above. However, there is still the problem of heat loss, which might be something that is really important for you.

acrylic Freestanding BathsAcrylic

You also have the possibility of opting for acrylic freestanding baths. They are more modern, quite cheap and warm when touched. Acrylic sheets will be used in different thicknesses of around 4 to 8 mm. In most cases the strongest freestanding baths are created out of thick sheets. To add even more strength, these bath tubs can be reinforced with the use of a fiberglass membrane. An added baseboard is also quite common. Acrylic can be used in order to create bath tubs of various sizes and styles so you are bound to find one you love. In the event that you think about buying such freestanding baths you will need to make sure that you have double insulation layers due to the fact that a single layer is not going to properly retain heat.

Stone and Resin

stone and resin Freestanding BathsPotential buyers of freestanding baths might also want to consider composite materials like stone and resin. This is where the tub uses acrylic sheets on the bath’s inner face and an extra mold of composite material is added to the mix. This composite will offer strength and rigidity. The end result is freestanding baths that are quite light based on percentages used during the building process. However, all are going to be durable, strong and will be resistant to scratches and marks. In the beginning these freestanding baths were created in order to replicate the old iron top baths but as time passed the popularity grew a lot and there are many contemporary designs that use this combination.

The bottom line is that you are the only person that can actually decide what bath tubs to consider purchasing. As you noticed, there are many options that are available but you need to take into account all the facts that were mentioned. If you have a bigger budget Freestanding Bathsyou might opt for the cast iron freestanding baths but never forget about stronger floor joists. In the event that your budget is limited the best possible choice for you will probably be the use of more modern freestanding baths. Style is highly important for most people so you need to think about that before you decide. Typically acrylic and composite will be great options for most people.

We also recommend that you never buy the first freestanding baths that you notice. This is because you might be missing out on a tremendous deal and nobody actually wants to lose money. When you want to buy freestanding baths you need to think about design, comfort, price, material and where you are buying from. The comfort is usually similar if the freestanding baths were properly built and the design changes that are present from the classical option are usually very attractive. The price tag is going to be the biggest problem and this is where you need some patience. If you wait you might end up being able to take advantage of some great deals.

Freestanding Baths onlineEven local stores sometimes offer these types of bath tubs at a fraction of the original price tag. If you are in a hurry you should even consider the possibility of purchasing online. You can contact manufacturers directly and ask for them to deliver freestanding baths of your own choice to the address where you live. Other Internet stores are also going to offer you tremendous deals. Just make sure that you never sacrifice quality because of a really great deal.

When you purchase freestanding baths it is important to make sure that they will fit in well with the overall design of the room. Be sure you have enough space for this tub in your bathroom. No matter what the look you are trying to achieve freestanding types of bath tubs will be a nice addition to your bath space.


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Enjoy Luxurious Soaks With Modern Slipper Baths

slipper bathsIf you’re designing your bathroom and want a minimalist or clutter-free style that can create a heightened sense of well-being, you can choose from the most durable and sleekest looking slipper baths in the market today.

A slipper bath will not only free up space but also look visually appealing. Choose the right material and style to complement your bathroom design.

Eye-catching is the perfect word to describe a beautiful cast iron slipper bath with chrome legs and outside base that can be painted with your desired color to suit your bathroom décor. To get a functional bathtub that suits you perfectly and is within your budget, browse online sites and read the product descriptions. You will also find customer testimonials as well as additional bathroom fixtures that can go well with your chosen tub.

There are stunning contemporary baths with ergonomic symmetrical or extended backrests offering full back & head support that look enticing to use. Just the type you may want to have to soak away your stresses.

slipper baths elizabethan era-inspiredIf durability is topmost among the criteria you’re looking for in your bathtub and other fixtures, there are freestanding baths with unique insulation and made of stonecast resin and chip-resistant high gloss outer acrylic. There are also ultramodern tub styles with soft contoured sides, sleek shape, and do away with traditional waste pipe work. The result is the coolest looking bathtub that can fit well in a modern bathroom or one with a luxurious spa ambience.

A slipper tub and compact fitted bathroom fixtures & furniture are perfect for small bathrooms. You can also find inspiring Elizabethan era-inspired slipper bathtubs with anti-slip interiors and ball & claw feet.

On the other hand, there are masculine-looking tub styles like a slipper tub with antique copper finish that comes drilled with drain hole. A freestanding tap or wall-mounted tub filler may be coordinated with such a tub. Additional bathroom accessories like an oval mirror in hammered copper may be placed atop or near the slipper tub. You can create stunning bathrooms using bathtubs characterized by the interplay of soft tones and bold colors, juxtaposed with polished colored flooring, wall-hung furniture and other bathroom amenities.

slipper baths with double slipperMeanwhile, couples may opt to choose from double slipper baths made of solid material that are quite easy to clean. The vast selections of sleek or classic looking modern-day bathtub innovations in the market today, many of which can be viewed online, show that contemporary homeowners’ needs and tastes are topmost in mind of manufacturers of bathroom fixtures.